Runaway Princess

Runaway Princess

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My secret is simple: I pray. By TheBeautyintheBeast Updated Dec 23, 2016

Lyra knew that one day she would be set into an arranged marriage like a chess piece. She had been preparing for it her whole life, and she was almost alright with her fate. But she never thought that her father would choose the man that he did. That decision changed everything.
The King of Whales is ruthless, more than twice her age and surrounded by tainted gold and loads of unsavory rumors. There has been many wives of his before Lyra, with no explanations to the untimely deaths of the previous five. With each dead Queen came more money from their kingdoms, straight into the King's portly lap.

Disguised as a young man, Lyra runs from her duty as the only Princess of Nordic. She cuts her hair, takes her steed and dissapears into the night with her father's men hot on her heels. 

Enter Kaladin's team. Occupation: Mercenaries. 

Lyra uses skills taught to her by a close, childhood friend and plays herself into the trust of the dangerous strangers until they accept her, or rather, "Navani", into their group.

What will happen to her once they see through her web of lies and tricks? Will Lyra give herself up as Princess when she is reunited with her long-lost friend, or will she carry on as a boy with the mercenaries? 

Follow Lyra to see what she will do when she comes to realize that things have gotten far too big for her to handle on her own. There are assassin's out for her head, king's thirsting for her blood, and an underground network of people who live for her ruin. But there is also an unlikely Prince to deffend her, who has some tricks of his own to rely on. The Princess soon sees that she is not nearly as alone as she may have once thought.

What will Lyra do when she comes to terms with her destiny? Will she face it this time with her new friends, or will she chose to runaway again?

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PurrdyStorieyy PurrdyStorieyy Nov 22, 2016
Oh god when she said blending for a sec I thought of ppl in a blender 😂  sorry omg lmao
Panthera_Tigris1802 Panthera_Tigris1802 Sep 25, 2016
It's great, but there are a few errors:
                              -"breaches" is meant to be "breeches"
                              -"it's" is meant to be "its"
                              Otherwise, you've done a fantastic job, good on you!
assumera_cupid assumera_cupid Dec 15, 2016
*coughs hard, slams the table
                              "May I present to you; The king of Pedophiles!!!!"
BeeHappyE BeeHappyE Oct 21, 2016
Once I had a nightmare that I cut off my hair by accident, I was so sad and horrified, amd when I woke up I was so relieved to see my hair still attached to my head lol
PurrdyStorieyy PurrdyStorieyy Nov 22, 2016
How are you going to make your entire country believe the PRINCESS never existed?? Lol 😂
Rerichyo Rerichyo Jun 28, 2016
Maybe you should have said that at the beginning of the chapter so we can point out the things we noticed not at the end after we've already read the chapter