The Pendant (Hyakkimaru x OC)

The Pendant (Hyakkimaru x OC)

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"Your pendant is quite special, Yuko. It grants you many things... Protection... Luck... Many things."

Yuko is a traveling doctor, going though town to town and helping the sick for free. She loved her life, traveling  and helping people were two things she liked. She even met someone who made her feel in a strange way. Everything was peaceful as it could be... until the beginning of war.
War was a dirty thing. People were getting tense and antsy, causing many dear people of Yuko to die in the process. Forced to change her pacifist ways, Yuko will now have to learn how to carry a blade and fight for survive.
During the harsh journey, Yuko will also learn about her parents and her pendant's origins. Shocked to find the truth that have been hiding in the dark, Yuko will not only have to fight for survival, but also the secret her family holds. Will she make it to the end of the story?

Warning! Ton of spelling and grammar mistakes in this story. Also, some violent and gruesome topics, so beware!
Also, I'm not a proffesional at medical stuff since I'm still young, so all of my information comes from Google. If you know anything related to that, that will help me a bunch!

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