《Love Lies》(Yandere!Ticci Toby x reader)

《Love Lies》(Yandere!Ticci Toby x reader)

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The holy trash can By Space_kxller Updated May 18, 2019

"My m-mother said love lies in many places-"He sat in-front of me,cross legged.
His mouthguard rested on the floor.

He pressed his hatchet on my neck.

"And y-you're one of them."He paused, pressing it harder, making her bleed.

"Wether you like it or not-"

"You're mine."


They met at the most unexpected of places,

A convenience store.

He shouldn't have grabbed you out of the blue,

he may seem eccentric, childish, arrogant and manipulative.

But You understand why he stopped the "operator" from killing me,

You remind him of someone dear to him.

Somebody from his past,

every time you try to get to the subject he would verbally abuse you.

Whatever it was, I seemed to have catch his eye at the first, close, glance.

He doesn't care if you don't want to be his,

you are automatically his.

Slowly brainwashing you,

no hope is left. 

He claims to be your savior,

constantly reminding you...

Love lies somewhere in this room...


May or may not have strong language