Galaxy Pirates

Galaxy Pirates

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Tamuna Tsertsvadze By TamunaTsertsvadze Updated 4 days ago

In a distant future, mankind discovers they're not alone in this universe. Aliens arrive, and the Earth gets engulfed in space wars, where humans turn out helpless and defenceless, regardless of their nuclear and biological weapons. One of the strongest and the most aggressive species of aliens - the Reptiloids - turn Planet Earth into their slave-trading colony. Soon the population of humans drastically decreases, so that they are on the verge of extinction. Gods, deities, fate, light - everything seems to have forsaken them.

Violet Hawthorne is one of the few surviving humans, sold as a slave. The nineteen-year-old girl works in a pub on Planet Irahor of the Radenoids (the species that created humans millennia ago). She is treated worse than an animal and laments about her cruel fate. Yet, unlike other humans, Violet has not given up on hope - she knows that there somewhere, across the stars, roams a man who can reverse the course of fate - the Young Captain of the Galaxy Pirates.

Violet dreams to find this legendary man and enter his crew of audacious pirates fighting against the cruel world, in the hope of getting their help to save her planet and people.

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