His Redemption

His Redemption

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He was a prince they said ,who was destined to be doomed. Like a cursed vagabond he had no relief from his torturous past. Every pain he encountered had become a constant and loyal partner in his solitude. Until she entered his life.

For the vampire prince Adrian Marsden  it's like a fairy tale gone wrong. With powers so destructive and brutal caused by a horrific event in his dark childhood,he is forced to give them up for safeguarding his people. But things don't go smoothly as expected in the kingdom of Findara .To  save his  kingdom he has to regain everything he has lost and most importantly fall in LOVE.

Melissa Davis is a girl trying to run away from her past and family who have caused her nothing but pain. She wants to be strong and independent to fight her problems . Having eloped to a new continent is one thing and being chased by a crazy ex fiancé  and family members is another thing.But getting so fatally attracted to a tall,mysterious vampire is not what she planned her future to be.

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