For the Love of 'Old Money'

For the Love of 'Old Money'

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TeliseClaar By TeliseClaar Updated May 11, 2019


"'s from 'Branded', a burger place on Broome Street. They mostly sell burgers and fries," I say, like some redundant nitwit. Because what else would a burger place sell, Emmy? Duh!

"Riiight," he drawls, adding to my embarrassment. "So, Emeline..."

"You can call me Emmy," I interrupt. (Great, now he thinks you're dumb and rude)

"I like the sound of Emmy better anyway," Mr. Branault says. "Emeline makes you sound like a character  from 'little house on the prairie'."

I should probably be insulted by his observation, but instead, am compelled to laugh because I couldn't agree more. Emeline is totally a 'little house on the prairie' name. I'm just disappointed that I didn't think of it first.  


'Old money'(n.) - of, being, or related to people whose families have been rich for a long time

'Straight up broke'(n.) - of, being so poor that you contemplate stealing dollar bills out of a street performer's guitar case

Mr. Charles Branault is 'old money'.

Emeline Adkins is 'straight up broke'.

Hold onto your hats kiddos, cause this office romance is going to be a bumpy ride.