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Things Change (Dramione) *Under Editing*

Things Change (Dramione) *Under Editing*

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Calla Lewis By callalewis Completed

Hermione's POV

"Harry? Harry!" I called his name over and over again, but no reply. No, he wouldn't just give himself up after all we've done. Telling myself that was the only way to feel better. A flash of red light flew by my head and I was pulled from my thoughts. I looked in the direction the light had came from, Bellatrix was standing across the corridor with a satisfied grin plastered on he face.

I turned and faced her. Before I could pull my wand up, I heard it and a green light blasted from Bellatrix's wand. "Avada Kendrava!" I dodged it by a couple of centimeters and fell to the ground. I lay there on the cold, hard ground, and thought about maybe just giving up, Harry was gone, what was the point of even trying. That's when I heard him.

"Hermione!" I pushed myself off the ground. That was my reason for fighting. Ron. I raised my wand and deflected the jinx she shot at me. I wanted her to feel pain, she deserved it. It was time for revenge for what she had done. Poor Sirius...

Draco___Malfoy Draco___Malfoy Aug 26, 2016
OMG I AM ACTUALLY SAD.... I don't think he was that bad just sometimes but he made up for it
Alisa76549 Alisa76549 Nov 18, 2016
*sees other people being sad* *looks at her self * *realizes that she is bringing ear to ear and waited this death since deathly hallows romione kiss* *still is happy but suddenly feels guilty for no reason*
I love it when a prologue gets you so hooked, amazing writing skills I love it!!
stars_are_weird stars_are_weird Nov 12, 2015
say something by a great big world started playing here.... I'm damn near ready to cry in class.
g0dhat3spark3r g0dhat3spark3r Sep 20, 2015
Okay, I regret saying to J.K Rowling she should have killed Ron instead of Fred. She should have killed no one in particular. She should've just endded it with Fred not dying!!!!!
act_sing_write24 act_sing_write24 Jun 12, 2015
holy crap i am crying...but this is amazing! Bella is my fav character but this is still REALLY good