Book 1; Guns, Love, Roses

Book 1; Guns, Love, Roses

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Jerome Kay By jeromekayy81 Completed

Follow Jordan, a 17 year old teenager who grows up with one of the most infamous gang in the western suburbs of Melbourne for all his life he is taught to only show love and loyalty to his brothers. His life takes a turn of events when he falls in love with a girl who changes his life around for the better.

13th April - Placed into the Top 10 list of best Melbourne based story.
30th April - Ranked 16th best True Story. Highest rank achieved.
30th April - Placed into the Top 25 list of narratives based on a True Story. 
30th April - Placed into the Top 5 list of best Melbourne based story.
15th June - Nominated to win the Watty 2019 Awards within the 'Non-Fiction' category.
20th of June - Ranked 4th best Melbourne based story. Highest rank achieved.

10th April - Guns, Love, Roses officially published.
13th April - Ranked 9th best Melbourne based story.
16th April - Ranked 8th best Melbourne based story.
18th April - Reached 1000+ readers.
25th April - Ranked 6th best Melbourne based story.
25th April - Ranked 25th best True Story.
28th April - Ranked 24th best True Story.
30th April - Ranked 5th Melbourne's best story.
4th May - Reached 2,000+ readers. 
15th June - Reached 3,000+ readers.
20th June - Reached 4,000+ readers.
25th June - Reached 5,000+ readers.

Comments and Reviews;
"I feel like i'm almost reliving it too," - J.C

"I really rate it! It makes it that much better of a read knowing that all this happened during my time, and actually knowing most of the shit that went down during springy fests and burden fest! Keep it up man honestly- it's like a piece of history, like fuck 98% while I was reading I just had goose bumps. I wanna see this on the shelves." - A.L

"its really good! like good work on the grammer and use of words all everything, really makes the reader fully get into it. Makes me feel young again. I kinda just sat there and scared at the screen for a 20 mins not really sure how to feel." L.X