Click! Act 1: The Hypno Age (a 3-part story I made) (On hold? IDK anymore)

Click! Act 1: The Hypno Age (a 3-part story I made) (On hold? IDK anymore)

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asianmathematics By asianmathematics Updated Jul 05

Before you read the description, this story is on hold for my 2nd story, Escape The Room (a reader insert mystery story), more details in that story description. Edit: no it's not.

Within a different dimension from yours, there's an AU (alternate universe). Where even though this plot is absolutely different from the 'original', it's the first one that was produced. The multiversal timeline connected these two plots within the corresponding time-linear category. However, nothing within the dimensions could ever prevent change no matter whatever anyone could do. In this story, It was the New Year's party, and Real, the Imagination Planet's current leader, was already occupied with 2's attack at their place. But then, an unidentified creation shows up and almost killed Real. After Real was revived by Clone 2, Real's partner from a deal, Real don't remember who has almost assassinated him, and Y/n, the main character, spotted M with the unknown creation talking about plans to destroy everyone. But when Real heard that M was talking about killing everyone, he wasn't surprised for some reason. And everyone, but Y/n, was very confused because Real never said why. So, in the first story of this three-story event. Can Real, Clone 2, and Y/n find the mysterious creation from completing something M has started a long time ago? Read this story to find out.

Disclaimer: You've probably found a character called y/n. That's actually one of the characters we created after we moved to the 'original' plot. So if you believed that this happened to be a reader insert story, then you're wrong. And now y/n is renamed to Y. Plus this whole idea is shared and based by me and RhIme. His animated Youtube channel about the 'original' plot should be out at 11/16/21 if everything goes as planned. Furthermore; I'm still in school, so my spelling/grammar might not be accurate.
Update as of 4/14/2019. I've downloaded Grammarly on this computer so my story would be more 'Grammarly' accurate.

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