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There are no monsters bigger than the worst of men.
Orphaned at ten and captured by the Salasar -a powerful empire that seeks to conquer his homeland- Hasheem, a slave male escort turned assassin finds himself fleeing back into the desert of his people and takes refuge from an influential tribe. There, he discovers the love and friendship that plunges his life back into worse tragedy and chaos as he struggles to survive tribal wars and politics, unaware that he's become a crucial part of the force that will either lead to victory or defeat in the upcoming war with the Salasar.

At the heart of the Salasar's capital, another tale of deception, political schemes, and love takes place in the resident and command center of its supreme ruler. Here, Fate sets up another group of key players that will dictate the outcome of the war.

Based on the rich, beautiful culture of bedouins and nomads, set in breathtaking deserts of contrasting black and white, this exotic tale of human spirit, pride, freedom, and the power of love capable of moving mountains will leave you breathless and constantly on the edge of your seat with its never ending twists and turns. Far from the usual tale of war between good and evil, but one where black and white is blended into gray, this is an epic tale of men and women who are made of obsidian, where each and every life will be broken into the deadliest of weapons, proving just how powerful humans can be when we choose to fight and never back down.


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