Secrets of the Fallen (A Supernatural fanfiction)

Secrets of the Fallen (A Supernatural fanfiction)

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beth By skytheangel Completed

Amber and her friends have been fans of the Supernatural books written by Carver Edlund for a long time. Supernatural is their biggest obsession. But what happens when Amber meets a mysterious man named Castiel and learns the truth? What other secrets will she learn? Find out in this Supernatural fanfiction about secrets, secrets, and more secrets.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters affiliated with the CW's Supernatural. Some quotes from the show may be used, but I do not lay claim to them.

WARNING: Contains some season 8/9 spoilers. Nothing major, just a little bit about the season 8 finale, the cause of the season 8 finale, and a few things about Cas from season 9. Spoilers should start in the chapter "Nothing's Complete Without Beer" just as a heads up in case you want to read it but aren't caught up ;)

Cover creds to KiraPatton158 ;)

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aphrodhites aphrodhites Mar 19
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If I was in this situation I would have gone up to them and just been like "SUPERNATURAL! THAT'S A GOOD BOOK SERIES, RIGHT?!" Only to see how they would react.
intospn intospn Oct 19, 2017
when i travel i'm going to all of the places "they" went so yeaaaah
intospn intospn Oct 19, 2017
amber is played by candice i love her so much pls the vampire diaries, anyone? 😭
intospn intospn Oct 19, 2017
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Its better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring