The Slave Master's Son

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Laceless By Laceless Updated 3 months ago
"You must do as I say. After all, you are my slave," he said, stroking her cheek.
    Adeola Williams is a African-American slave back in the 1800s. Her life as a slave changed forever when he came running into her life.
    He being Kristopher Lanters, the planter's or slave master's son. What Adeola doesn't know is that Kris is a werewolf, and she so happens to be his mate. Things can either go terribly wrong or terribly wrong for Adeola, and it seems to be luck isn't on her side one bit.
    Kris Lanters can't seem to get Adeola off his mind. Even though he's pretty pissed about having a slave as his mate, he still has to claim her, since he is gettting weaker and weaker each day.
    But they seem to be forgetting one rule: If you are mates with a slave, the slave must DIE.
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fuck it now that your done you'll have your award but me an unhappy reader cuz of course no more updates & deletion
Please, please, please write more! This is off to a great start.
Heeeeeeey where's the rest of it??? *sniffles* Plz update soon lol
I love this new idea!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait for more!!!!!!!!!! <3
a note - you switch from 3rd POV to 1st mid chapter. just something you should fix.
I am looking forawrd to reading more of this, so glad it won't be a typical forbidden romance - kinda glad you are basing this around the fact they really can't have any contact with each other, that a relationship such as theirs truly is unlawful. Post more please, will happily read on :)