Something's Not Right Here (A Danny Phantom FanFic)

Something's Not Right Here (A Danny Phantom FanFic)

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Cari Silver is the new girl at Casper High. She is lucky enough to befriend Dash and his other popular friends on the first day at school. Now to keep her rep she has to act like a person she is not, but that all changes when she meets Danny Phantom.  He brings out a side of her no one has seen.  On the other hand Cari begins to notice something is not right between Danny Phantom and Danny Fenton.

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This was a really nice chapter! I like how you get the characters on point with their personalities. ^-^

Haha, wow! Loving this! :D It's a whole lot different from other Fanfictions! ;D

I love your story like soooooo much you are such a skilled writer and oh my god i just their aren't even words


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- - Mar 10, 2017
This is not me. I am better than this. 
                              Bill: you are worse than this
                              Me: get out of my life
FandomFreak_101 FandomFreak_101 Aug 11, 2016
At first when I saw this he looked so familiar and I had to look him up and I was like *gasp* that guy!!!
Scarlet_Frost Scarlet_Frost Sep 16, 2016
Thank you. I did my best to edit but I will always be the first to admit my grammar skills are rather low @allalalalaa
XxLoveLunaxX XxLoveLunaxX Sep 04, 2016
Me just reading a fanfic when... 
                              Older Sis: By just reading this I know this fanfic is gonna be jacked up...
                              Me: WTF HOW DID YOU GET IN MY ROOM MY DOOR WAS LOCKED?!
                              Older Sis: I have my ways *walks out*
                              Me: wth...
Jill_Cipher17 Jill_Cipher17 Feb 14, 2016
yes. this is the most unique Danny Phantom fanfic because Cari is a little bully now... (i will pretend to be Cari as well)
allalalalaa allalalalaa Sep 16, 2016
I like this book, there are just some minor grammer mistakes but good job though