Camping Trip Gone Wrong

Camping Trip Gone Wrong

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Anna Todd By imaginator1D Updated Jun 26, 2014

Hey guys! I'm at Wattpad and we are doing a writing challenge and it's super fun and we got to pick a topic so, since I had a wacky experience with my flights last night and ended up camping in the airport, cot and all, I chose "camping trip gone wrong" lol! 

So here is a short (really short, because I haven't showered yet and we have this party thing tonight so yeah, here it is! Feel free to write your own short story because it's really fun!) 

Leaving the country sounds fun and incredible and it truly is, any new experience is always refreshing and exciting and me being the over planner that I am, had every detail from my spare tooth brush to my, "just in case" pack of fifty hair ties, packed and ready to go. 

I left early for the airport, making my husband leave work early so I could arrive for my flight with plenty of time to spare. No traffic, no flat tires, no last minute blue liquid spilled on my dress, I was ready for my international adventure. Granted, it was only to Can...