The Primordial of dragons and wolves

The Primordial of dragons and wolves

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karlbryan1994 By karlbryan1994 Updated Aug 15

After the war with Gaia the mother earth. Percy can finally  have peace with his girlfriend annabeth.  Or so he thought.  Bad shit started happening since his brother Ross showed up. Campers stuff start disappearing and everyone was giving him sad looks. Plus almost getting killed by a bolt of lightning. 
After he was almost killed by Zeus a mysterious figure heals him, but what surprises him is a familiar goddess takes him under her wings. Both the goddess and the mysterious figure train him . After two years Percy is no longer now he goes by lord Alpha 

It had been three years since eragon beat Galbatorix and now he and his girlfriend arya are trying to find riders for the egg saphira layed  and the two they found hidden. But eragon meets two strangers with a group of girls in the out skirts of the city Gil'ead which was taken over by Arya queen of the elves.  Saphira and thorn  seems to fear one of the beings but why.

(DISCLAIMER: I don't own any eragon characters <eragon,  Arya thorn, saphira,  Arya's dragon , Galbatorix, > 
Nor don't  I own the Percy Jackson characters <Percy,  annabeth,  Nico Jason >
-ROSS son of Poseidon,
- ALPHA percy's new form,
- ki the mute female elf. 
-ki's dragon 
-the new shade legion/lucus son of cronus 
-thor elf god, god of legend

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  • eragon
  • gore
  • nudity
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