They say she is a devil. Inhuman even. Known only in the werewolf and hunter world and practically traceless in the human world, no one knows who she is or where she comes from. All they know is that she is a hunter. The only traces of where she's been are the bodies left discreetly in her wake.  The only proof she exists are the mutterings of the very few barely survivors, and an 'R' carved into the base of every bullet that itself is crimson by the time it is recovered. With so little facts you would think it would be hard to be wrong about her. All they really know is a name. They very name of which instills fear in their hearts. She is Red. 

And she is about to learn something new about herself as well.

  • action
  • alpha
  • badass
  • complete
  • fantasy
  • hunter
  • pack
  • teen
Blue_panda_addict Blue_panda_addict Nov 02, 2014
I'm really beginning to like her and you are such a damn good writer. Keep up the good work.