My First Thug Love*

My First Thug Love*

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Naeski🌸 By theeflowerqueen Updated Dec 23, 2015

" there's always that one person that all will always have your heart.
You never see  it coming cause your blinded from the start. 
knew that your the one for me it's clear for everyone to see.
oooh babyy. Oh. You will always be my boo!"

* phone mode *

me: Yes baby ,
him: you should come over on about 10 minutes
me: sure okay , just let me get ready 
him: Okay . bye.

Hi. My Name is Harmony , I'm 17 a junior in high school well senior now since its summer and I live with my mom , but she's never home cause she has 4 jobs. I'm 5'9 , thick or w.e , caramel complexion , I have 5 tattoos, hella shoe game I'm popular at school but I don't talk to nobody except my everything and Chasity. I have a little sister name Hope but she lives with her dad. My Mom and I have been struggling for a year now but we got things handled so we settled in a 2 story house. That was my boyfriend Anthony who just called , we been going out for about 6 months now , I wouldn't say I'm in love with him but I love...

queen_q25 queen_q25 Jan 04
Well damn that’s why I don’t really trust bxtches why I stay to myself right here
smoopy16 smoopy16 Sep 12, 2017
I swear I forget this is a book sometimes cause y'all be going off. 😂😂😂
jacxxy jacxxy Apr 12
let me just say “you wise .. you smart .. i like that” *dj khaled voice* 👌🏾🖤
DAMNNN....this is only the second chapter and it's getting real messy 😭
queen_q25 queen_q25 Jan 04
💀 this mf something else I hope chasity beat her mf ahh so bad that she be in a comma and have a concussion
Issa_Dxddy Issa_Dxddy Jul 28, 2017