Alpha Coner

Alpha Coner

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[ U n d e r c o n s t r u c t i o n ]

Lycans are extremely dangerous species. They ruled the world centuries ago but is now extinct because of the war between the lycans and the vampires. It was said that all the werewolves were united as one back then but because of the war different packs existed and the lycans that are left became Alpha's of different packs.

Alpha Coner Damien Mc'hunters  is the Alpha of the Knights pack from the west and is the strongest lycan existing as of now. Taking over as Alpha when he was only fifteen years old by killing his father made him the most feared Alpha in the whole werewolf race. 

Yet it was believed that his heart amd soul was taken from him by the moon goddess.

"Alpha what if you find your mate?"

"Ridiculous, I have no mate."

"But what if?"

"Then she's very unlucky."


"Because I have no heart nor soul."

"L-literally speaking?"

"Literally speaking."

But when Alpha Coner met his mate, what would happen? Will it be a happy-- Wait who are we kidding? It will be terrible, dangerous and heart breaking-- though he doesn't have a heart, or so he thought.

Cover by : KavyaAgnihotri ♡