Mr. Stalker...

Mr. Stalker...

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B0nes_Exp0sed By B0nes_Exp0sed Updated Nov 29, 2015

"I...I don't know who you are or what you want but just leave me alone!!" I yelled down the phone tears pouring out my eyes non-stop. I heard his deep voice down the phone he was... laughing at me! Why was he laughing?! I wiped the falling tears of my face just for them to be replaced by new ones.

"Oh sweetie... It's not that simple I will kill for you... YOU will be MINE!" He said darkly before hanging up leaving me once again crying....

Ever wondered what it's like to be watched all day everyday? Ever wondered what it's like to be watched at all? And have you ever felt like you're being watched?... Well.. Thats my life I am watched every single day by somebody I know nothing about.. Except for the fact he is my stalker. What will I do when I find out who he is?... My names Demi Henderson and this is the story of me and my obsessive Mr Stalker...

Not your cliche Stalker book. Please just give it a go :) actually looking forward to writing this different to what I normally write. If you like it please make sure to vote for I know if to keep updating and how often :) Bye loves!!

NLUSHS NLUSHS Apr 17, 2017
Short shorts are the same length as my underpants (underwear.... I hate using that word... Same as panty... *shivers* uggggeee!-that's some noise...)
Sofie_G Sofie_G Oct 30, 2017
Wow you're just ...buying everything...might as well purchase a car and a house
NLUSHS NLUSHS Apr 17, 2017
I would call him something cool.. Like name him after my favourite celebrity... Just to make it more comfortable.
NLUSHS NLUSHS Apr 17, 2017
What nice a nice sibling she has. My brother doesn't even know my birthday and he doesn't even say happy birthday until someone else say it first cause he doesn't know anything.... Freakin dumb 10 year old.....
abc123xyzlily abc123xyzlily Feb 28, 2017
You call stalkers nowadays Mr or miss stalker learn something new everyday
Elusive_Whisper Elusive_Whisper Feb 23, 2017
Dun.Dun.Duuuuun. (drum roll) 
                              Presenting Mr.Stalker! Seriously on the first day? What a creep! 'shivers'