The Red Balloon [ NaLu ]

The Red Balloon [ NaLu ]

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Lucy Heartifilia belonged to the powerful Heartifilia family. Her father used to ignore her and her mother. He wasn't the nicest of men. When her mother dies she is forced to move in with her fathers "mistress" in the next few towns over. With her recent loss, how will her new life pan out? 

NaLu (including some JeRza, GaLe, GrUvia)

This story can be quite depressing at times. Please tell me if you take this personally and feel like I should change the rating or something, or even if you just want to talk. 


Continued in part two: 
"The Red String Of Fate"

  • death
  • depression
  • drama
  • fairytail
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  • gruvia
  • jerza
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Don't worry I'll totally not run away to a far off land to meet a mysterious man and fall deeply in love with him but only be friends with him until we realize our feelings and he'll invite me to his guild and they will become my new family... totally won't happen
Omg does he have no heart I mean I know he doesn't give a dam about his wife it seriously don't do it on the day she dies
Well considering she's saving her money for food instead of giving it to ur dad I'd say she isn't very thoughtless. Honestly I think she cares more about Lucy than Lucy's father does
Sympathyz Sympathyz Oct 09
Someone become a exorcist and take these sins from my mind, clinse me before I die
Sympathyz Sympathyz Oct 09
I honestly didn’t know parents could commit suicide idk why I always thought they would just kill ppl not commit suicide oops
Sympathyz Sympathyz Oct 09
She.. had sex with your dad.. on the night your mom.. died Lucy.. just .. just explain