The Deaf Vampire?! (BoyxBoy) [ON HOLD]

The Deaf Vampire?! (BoyxBoy) [ON HOLD]

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Nicolliolliolli ❤️ By xxSilverFangxx Updated Apr 18

(If you did not 'My Vampire Boy', read that first because this is a sequel)



A deaf vampire who deals with a lot in life. From a rare vampire with a disability which makes people look down on him, to bullies and a abusive boyfriend. He just couldn't take it anymore.

He turned cold. A murderer that even he didn't expect to be.

An innocent face can look very deceiving.

That is until someone or something comes into his life and tries to recover Sebastian.

Will they succeed or will Sebastia
n forever stay the cold hearted, hurt boy that he is? Will that person stop the madness that clouds Sebastian's mind?

Come and find out!

(Sexual content (maybe) and lots of horrid scenes such as gore and violence. Read at your own risk.)

  • abuse
  • boyxboy
  • fantasy
  • gore
  • horror
  • mature
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evildrng evildrng Aug 30, 2017
I'm seriously in love with your first book cz it's quite addicting *huskguskdryxsdhujkvcdfhjjijgdddaaryhjkll* but I just can't be staying without reading the books 😘😍
Blizzardlover Blizzardlover Jul 13, 2017
Funny I just read another book and the alpha male is named Marcus
xXxRichiExXx xXxRichiExXx Jul 05, 2016
I love your literary style and how you write. My imagination does back flips when I read your stories.
ChiyoPiichi ChiyoPiichi Nov 02, 2015
He just...he just...murdered someone and burned the house down...!?