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Libby Nickerson By LibbyNickerson Updated Dec 25, 2019

(Title subject to change)

Gypsy Turner  has a crash land awakening into a world she doesn't recognize, and with no memories of how she came to be there.  With no experience surviving in the wild, and no gear, she is stuck depending on herself for survival against what the alien forest throws at her, and against an even deeper threat--aliens themselves.

WARNING: This is a dark story with parts that may have triggers. Violence, violence in sex, harsh action and harsh language. This is not a fluffy love story, but full of grit and darkness. 

**This story is a work in progress, so please be patient with me for any typos.  And, please know that I write this is in my spare time and I want to at least have a full chapter to post for each update, so I may be slow with the updates!