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Elle Wrote It By Elle_Wrote_It Updated Jul 20, 2019

You've just been given the assignment of a lifetime...

Brinkley Stiles isn't your average college student. When she's not attending class at the most prestigious school in the country, Malibu University, she answers to "Brinkley Stylez", one of the top ranking fashion and beauty gurus on social media. 

Her parents, the famous designing duo Margo and Frank Stiles, want her to take over their fashion empire one day and have forced her to attend prestigious Malibu University. It was all working out, or so they thought.

But when Sam Fox was found murdered, everything changed. 

All of a sudden, there were questions not only about Sam's murder, but about Brinkley's university admission. People are saying she got in fraudulently, that her parents "paid off" Sam somehow and forged paperwork to guarantee she'd be able to attend MU. 

Your assignment is to shadow Brinkley and record everything. 

When your assignment is done, you should have enough information to decide whether or not Brinkley got into MU on her own merit or if her parents paid her way in, as well as help solve Sam's murder. Then you can write a book about the whole story and that will put you at the top of the charts! This story is gonna be huge. 

Are you ready? I hope so, because Brinkley lives in the fast lane and you'll need to keep up. Good luck!