Everything will be ok. I'm sure of it

Everything will be ok. I'm sure of it

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Chloe Martin By tvshow-fanfics Updated Dec 23, 2019

(Takes place a few months after On My block season 2 but we're gonna pretend the whole kidnapping thing didn't happen)

"Monse I know you, I know you're not telling me something. Whatever is it, you can tell me" 

I'm unable to look at Cesar as he tells me this so instead I just keep picking clothes up off the floor. How am I meant to tell him? He has plans to be an architect. I don't want to hold him back. Also he might not even want this. Heck I don't even know if I want this

"Monse. You've been gone for months to join an all female boarding school that you ended up leaving because it's you. You returned to us just like you always do. Just that you've been avoiding me at all costs and you can't even look at me. Monse what's going on?"

At this point I'm holding back tears. Damn hormones. I don't want to tell him but I know I have too. He has a right to know. Also it's going to be obvious eventually. I eventually turn around and for the first time in days I look at him. God I could get lost in his amazing Brown eyes. I sit on my bed and a gesture him to sit next to me as I think of how the hell I'm going too tell him. "Cesar... I..."