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Nakashima Yumi By akatsuki_tsukiyomi Updated Sep 03

Status: Ongoing
Anime: Hetalia
Pairing: Various/Reader


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~ Yumi N.

SilviaTH21 SilviaTH21 Aug 19
Thats what most of the people think .
                              Red face fever . 
                              Why can't i be a tomato?
I'm imagining perfectly cut-out countries from a map layed on the floor and couch
I love how the entire fandom just ignores the fact that Kiku is a girl's name.
                              I mean, yeah, I get how it's supposed to be symbolic, because the chrysanthemum is the national flower of Japan BUT STILL.
Isesuchan Isesuchan Dec 18, 2016
Smooth Kiku smooth . You use your forehead too not your lips !
AnimeLister4Ever AnimeLister4Ever Dec 07, 2016
Yes, But he is often known to pronounce his Ls with Rs For Example:
                              Me: Whats that day where you vote for a new president
                              Japan: Uh,... Er-Erection Day!
                              Me: See!Nice job buddy! *Gives peck on the cheek*
                              Japan: *Holds in nosebleed*
GrlGone_AWOL GrlGone_AWOL Oct 28, 2015
Oui, mon amour, je sera follow vous n'importe où, pour je t'aime