Shared Affection [Oc x Seijuro Akashi]

Shared Affection [Oc x Seijuro Akashi]

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Akashi wife By akashi_eternity Updated Jun 05, 2016

Two people

One body

Different personalities

The only thing in common between them is that

they both love me.


Who should I love?

[Disclaimer: I do not own Kuroko no basket, characters or the plot. I only change plot and the OCs are mine. Pictures used are not mine. I only edited them.]

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At least it’s not bad as Laito’s introduction. Just look at the meme. And you heard the guy, he was pretty straight forward
FrostySpetsnaz FrostySpetsnaz May 16, 2016
Genetics, both of the parents might have had green eyes as a recessive trait. So when they come together, a green eyed child is born.
JadeOpalAmber JadeOpalAmber Jun 27, 2016
The first ever Kanji was based on the Chinese language, but they changed some of it. That's why some Kanji is still Chinese.
foreverotaku11 foreverotaku11 Sep 04, 2016
The tsun tsun alarm is I repeat the tsun tsun radar have caught a reaction...
FiveYenForOtakus FiveYenForOtakus Nov 11, 2016
This isn't fair. One time during math class I threw an eraser and the teacher caught me and sent an email to my parents saying I interrupted the class and made it sound like I killed someone. O__o
FiveYenForOtakus FiveYenForOtakus Nov 11, 2016
I have blue eyes and both of my parents have brown. In fact out of the five people in my family, in the only one without brown eyes