All About Us.

All About Us.

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❌SashaTheSas❌ By Saslious Completed

Cover by InfatuatedByCake

Skyla Demps is basically living her life. Being a straight A student on the soccer team with her girls during senior year. What could possibly go wrong for her?

Grayson Fields other known as the quarterback playboy of LakeView High. While managing a C+ grade average he sure knows how to turn up during senior year. What could possibly go wrong for him?

Well what happens when these two cross path? Would the outcome be for the good or the bad?

Christinawashington Christinawashington Jun 17, 2016
Its ok. No body gonna hurt your feelings just give us a good story and you will be ok.
brookyviv45 brookyviv45 Jun 06, 2016
Moment? All he did was grab his car keys out of ur pocket.....😑
ArmaniVercitti ArmaniVercitti Jul 12, 2016
im chinese and jamaican and i never really checked how long my hair is straight but its pretty long when its in its natural 4c state it comes to my bra strap.
HeteroLlama HeteroLlama May 27, 2016
Okay but literally this is how every interracial book starts out and I admit that I was guilty of it for only one of my stories, I want to know why this is just the consensus for the start of a story lmao. Like, but why here? Idk, just English Major tings
LadiiPyt LadiiPyt Feb 25, 2016
Lots of African and African American people have long hair but when you wear it natural its curly. All that perming and mess is what stops growth.
Luckymother432 Luckymother432 Sep 01, 2016
My moms part Jamaican part German and Irish. My dad part Jamaican, Chinese and Indian