Paradise (Completed)

Paradise (Completed)

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JuliaRV3 By JuliaRV3 Completed

22-year-old, Savana Dean's life slowly falls to pieces when her brother disappears without a trace of evidence.

Not only does she lose her brother, her best friend, but her parents also blame her for his disappearance and cut her out of their life, and she can no longer fake a smile in front of her friends.

Three years pass, Savana has sort of rebuilt her life and is a teacher.  But is missing that special someone in her life due to her inability to move on from her brother's disappearance.

When a portal is formed in her whiteboard, Savana is brought to a magical land in which money doesn't matter.

A land in which finally gives her a chance to get closure on her brother's disappearance.

A land in which gives her a year to find love, which can become quite difficult if you find yourself falling in love with two very different men.

Winner in chicklit category of the EYHO Summer 2019 Awards - 09/10/19

Third Place in the chicklit category of The Sunflower Awards -10/06/19

Third Place in the romance category of The Acheron Awards- 10/06/19

Runner up in the other category in the Bee Awards 2019 -10/06/19

First Place in the Fantasy category in the Ruby Awards 2019- 01/01/20

Third Place in the chicklit category in the Alpha Beta Gamma Awards 2019-2020- 04/06/20

Runner up in the chicklit category in the Spring Awards 2020- 04/11/20