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The Light, and the Dark. Boy x Boy

The Light, and the Dark. Boy x Boy

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Madie By MadisonSmith542 Updated Mar 04, 2015

(ON HOLD) Tsuki Kashenima has just recently moved into the small town of Littleton Colorado, after being bullied and beat up non stop at his old home in Tokyo, Japan. He was also abused by his old parents and he was sent to America to find a new life, and a new family. After being adopted by a man named David, he ends up being brought home to a few neighbors and his new sister welcoming him. One of these new neighbors is a boy by the name of Ritsuka Esposito. Ritsuka is one of the most outgoing and kind 15 year old kids you would ever meet, and Ritsuka ends of falling in love with Tsuki! Ritsuka ends up doing everything he can to change Tsuki's point of view of people, and he does everything in his power to get Tsuki to fall in love with him. Will Tsuki fall in love with Ritsuka, or will Ritsuka end up getting his heart broken?

cracked_egg cracked_egg Sep 18, 2016
Lol he's only one inch taller than me 😂 he's short lol but I am too 😂😂😂
Judge_of_Death Judge_of_Death Nov 09, 2016
Basically me and my friend, he's so positive and is like really friendly and everyone likes him. I'm very, very, negative and almost everyone I meet ends up disliking me to a great degree. I'm not exactly....."friendly"
I am good at drawing but if I am drawing some thing 
                              I take like the whole day or one or two hours
Umm I can't understand a thing 😥😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
iamapieceoftoast23 iamapieceoftoast23 Oct 15, 2016
It takes me like 45 minutes to an hour to draw something, and I'm not even that good in my opinion
Dragonboysloveremo Dragonboysloveremo Jun 07, 2016
Wow that sounds  like the exact description of me. Well except he's taller......