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Watched. (Harry Styles) ON HOLD

Watched. (Harry Styles) ON HOLD

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andi By PizzANDI Updated Aug 05, 2016

Let's admit it, we all felt that feeling before where we can sense someone watching our every move.
 (A.U Alternate Universe)

[All Rights Reserved 2014.]

YehNasteh YehNasteh Aug 28, 2016
He probably hated the tomato soup
                              Harry: "The fûck IS THIS, these are some low quality tomatoes."
highwayjoyride highwayjoyride Jul 15, 2016
What are your "friends" doing that you gotta come home the next day
Pink10123 Pink10123 Jul 18, 2016
I like how you make hear appear to be I gonna imagine her as Selena : to author
_bible_ _bible_ Aug 07, 2016
He's named Jerome cause he's jeroaming around with other girls
PizzANDI PizzANDI Oct 25, 2015
it's supposed to be a joke, lol. sorry if you didn't like it, don't worry i can change it for ya. (: