I gave the Bad Boy a Lap Dance (on hold)

I gave the Bad Boy a Lap Dance (on hold)

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D. By fadedlightss Updated Aug 18, 2015

Before I know it the song is over and I ended it straddling Emma's lap. I smirk as I pull off the blindfold but immediately the smirk drops from my face and my eyes go wide. That definitely isn't Emma.

Holy Shit.

I just gave a slutty lap dance to a guy that I don't even know. Let me correct myself, I just gave a slutty lap dance to a super hot guy that I don't even know and he's smirking at me.

"W-wait I th-thought Emma was.. wait.. who are you?" I say trying to get words that make sense out of my mouth.

"Avery, meet my brother Wesley Black. Wesley, meet Avery Collins."

Aayyyy I live across the water from Seattle! I live on the Kitsap Penninsulaaaaaaaaa
kihyuna kihyuna Jul 30
please fix the spelling errors i'm trying not to act super annoyed, otherwise the storyline so far is great
I'm just imagining her sitting on a swing then you look to ur side and see a guy running over to u yelling ur name like he's being chased by a psychopath
Melikescats Melikescats May 09
My best friend did that she always stays about 10 months then moves she had to move 6 times and then she moved to this city stayd for a year and now she had to leave again😔
Sumaiyah_H_ Sumaiyah_H_ Feb 15
One of my best friends is moving to another city she probably feels like this
LimaAli LimaAli Jul 27
Wait if she had 3 hours till her flight,then how did she get to the new place in 4 hours. I'm missing something or I'm just over analyzing????