I Gave The Bad Boy a Lap Dance

I Gave The Bad Boy a Lap Dance

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D. By fadedlightss Updated Aug 18, 2015

Before I know it the song is over and I ended it by straddling Emma's lap. I smirk as I pull off the blindfold but immediately the smirk drops from my face and my eyes go wide. That definitely isn't Emma.

Holy Shit.

I just gave a slutty lap dance to a guy that I don't even know. Let me correct myself, I just gave a slutty lap dance to a super hot guy that I don't even know and he's smirking at me.

"W-wait I th-thought Emma was.. wait.. who are you?" I say trying to get words out of my mouth.

"Avery, meet my brother Wesley Black. Wesley, meet Avery Collins."

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Wait 5'3 is standard? Now I see why people say that I'm hell tall compared to the average person
That's basically me.
                              Except for the senior in High School part.
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Aayyyy I live across the water from Seattle! I live on the Kitsap Penninsulaaaaaaaaa
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@DisneyRomance Yes! Everyone likes the Univorns, Deflatriots, Haters, Whiners, or Cowboys.
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Yay! I love the seahawks! I never see any fans on here @she_the_weirdo
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hi I just started reading this book and already loving the book . keep up the good work :-)