Royal Affection

Royal Affection

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Lord Voldemort By LovelyOwls Completed

Avanna Larsen, Ava for short, is the Princess of Denmark and she is in line to become Queen of Denmark after her parents. But that isn't Ava's dream. Her dream is to become a photographer and to attend the London Arts Academy. 

When she finally goes to London, things don't go as planned. She becomes friends with a bubbly girl, called April, but also meets the popular, hot Lucas that everyone loves and fears. You see, he's the school bully and he is about to make Avanna's life hell with the help of his girlfriend, Paige. 

Life is about to get a whole lot complicated for Avanna, with the danger of falling for the school bully, but could Lucas be hiding something too? Avanna has got herself in trouble when she realises she could be making the biggest mistakes.

Will she fall helplessly for the hot, school bully? Will they find  out that she's a Princess? Read on to find out.

Trailer on the side by @prettyfreakingliars

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vtcapple vtcapple Dec 22, 2016
I always loved bodyguards named Joseph but only if she calles him Joe.
smileforiife smileforiife Feb 07, 2016
Parents need to realise they are different from their children
vtcapple vtcapple Dec 22, 2016
Yes she called him JOE!!!!!! can he park where ever he wants?😂
kookieves kookieves Feb 28
seriously pissed that I can't comment on a paragraph i want to comment on!;
kookieves kookieves Feb 28
I love it but I'm sad I can't comment on the places I want to comment!!
Tinee8pi Tinee8pi Oct 04, 2015