Anastasia (EDITING)

Anastasia (EDITING)

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Lundy By llunddy Completed

The love of your life could be the person you least expect it to be. At least that was the case for Anastasia Torres.

Ana- a young beautiful woman with big curly hair, and a strong will to love and fight for what she believes in gets a taste of what it feels like to be loved like those in a fairy tale novel.

Angel- a guarded, determined, and successful chef and business owner who's life is coming to an abrupt halt when she bumps into Ana. Engulfed in Ana's beauty Angel has decided to pursue her in every way pushing all obstacles, and barriers

These two women have all the hope, courage, faith, love and determination to keep them together.

 Is it really meant for them to be? 
Will Angel and Ana be together?
Or will these trials of love prove to be to much for them?

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danish_cookies091 danish_cookies091 Jun 18, 2018
I wear this all day ever day at jome bc it's summer break and i have no where to go
thatssoamie thatssoamie Mar 01, 2017
the grammar mistakes in this broke my heart because this really was an amazing story, can i please be your editor omg
DvmnSiya DvmnSiya Dec 15, 2014
First page is awesome bruh , I have no idea how to write in that format I mostly do screen writes .. maybe we should work on a book together one day
IAmMariyaMarie IAmMariyaMarie Aug 11, 2014
OMG! I Love How Quickly Their Auras Clicked,Whether In A Sexual Passion Or Not. I Love It, Keep It Up Love
DaisjaNash DaisjaNash Jul 23, 2014
I love the beginning of your book so much! I noticed you started to say "me" a couple of times  instead of Anna. I had a this your own personal experience? Are you Anna?
Lesbo_Trill Lesbo_Trill Jul 18, 2014
Omg the beginning of your story got me likeeee  . This my first time reading it but its amazing .