Loving A Luthor

Loving A Luthor

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Kara Danvers, a.k.a. Supergirl, never thought she'd fall in love with a Luthor, Lena Luthor, her best friend, for that matter. 


"You can't go out there!" Alex yelled across the entrance hall of the DEO. 

"Why not?" Kara turned to look at her sister, her red cape swishing around her as she turned. "I didn't come here just to watch this world fall apart. I didn't come here to watch this world burn." She took a deep breath. 

"Because... you're my sister and I can't lose you." Alex walked along the hall. "And besides... you didn't have a choice whether to come here or not."

"Well, I can't lose Lena. She's out there just now, risking her life to try and save a city full of people that hate her." Kara said calmly, ignoring Alex's comment about her past. "I can't watch her burn."

"I can't watch you burn." Alex said. "Please don't go."

"I've got a fireproof suit that Winn made." Kara said. "I'll be fine. I love you." She hugged Alex quickly and turned, jumping up into the dark sky and was gone before Alex could shout anything else.


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