Final Wishes

Final Wishes

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mandy By big_dreamer Updated May 04, 2011

Death, lust and loss.  

Those are three things in life that everyone experiences.  Danny Warbler has seen more than her fair share of death and loss, but until recently she hasn't been feeling much in the lust department.  Finally she meets Sebastian Tate, a boy who can change her whole life; for better or worse.

After Danny meets Seb, she gets even more tangled in a web of deceit, gangs and love.  She'll end up taking some hard falls, as she tries to run from enemies that she can't remember.

Who says that every story has a happy ending?

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big_dreamer big_dreamer Mar 23, 2011
                              Most definately, she has a pretty awful life, and it will only get worse before it gets better.
Tropicall Tropicall Mar 22, 2011
That's almost creepy... She'll be a replica of me. She will be my future. O.O I would be afraid if I was Danny
Tropicall Tropicall Mar 22, 2011
This is actually surprisingly original! I really like it so far!
big_dreamer big_dreamer Mar 21, 2011
                              Thank-you so much for reading, I'm really glad you enjoyed it.  I'm having so much fun writing this story and hope to be in the next rounds of the gatekeeper's contest to keep it going.