Cecilia's Wolf

Cecilia's Wolf

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Book Trailer:  https://youtu.be/kZ0IDJ0VdqA    *the trailer is also posted on the first part of the story*

Meet Cecilia Moore: She's a teenage girl, living with loving parents and attending high school.  Meet Jackson Walker: He's a teenage werewolf, beta of his pack and totally drool-worthy.   

After getting caught by animal control and put in the pound, a very embarrassing experience, Jackson is bought by Cecilia's parents.  Planning to escape as soon as possible, Jackson is about to bolt as soon as they bring him home.  That is, until he sees Cecilia.   

Cecilia thinks she has the perfect dog, he's loyal, he's protective and he never leaves her side.  She tells him everything.  So, what happens when Jackson reveals what he is, an alpha from another pack shows an unhealthy interest in Cecilia, and a cousin of Cecilia's comes back into her life bearing life changing secrets?  One thing is for sure: Cecilia's life is about to get a whole lot more interesting...and dangerous. 

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skylar_treat skylar_treat Aug 18, 2017
Your book description got me to read so it must be a good one
I liked the description.  Its pure, simple and to the point. Sounds like a interesting stroy. Looking forward to reading it
babywolf667 babywolf667 Oct 05, 2017
I love this story ,there better than my stories . I can't wait to go on this beautiful wildest adventure!
Haven't began to read it yet,I just wanted to say don't be so hard on yourself , I was always told to read more, write more you'll get better at descriptions.
spermatids spermatids Jan 01
If you like werewolves AND vampires you should totally check me story out!!! Its also about mates and love but I put in extra drama to make thing exciting!!! Thank u!!!! ❤️❤️❤️😍❤️😍❤️😍
bruhhreally bruhhreally Aug 20, 2016
Any recommendations where the mate is a beta instead of an alpha