The Nerdy alpha.

The Nerdy alpha.

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Queen RiRi By marivadiva Updated Apr 26

I strolled into the cafeteria and ducked my head so I could fit under the door. I'm 6.7 and that's even huge for a future alpha like myself. I begin to walk into the line when I smell something. Something amazing. It smells like... Dark Chocolate with Jalepinios. Hey, don't judge it's actually really good. I lift my head up, which I never do because I'm always trying to seem less giant - like. Pathetic I know, I'm an alpha who doesn't want to seem scary. 

Anyway, I lifted my head up in search of the smell. There she was, Summer Stone. My mate. 

Summer Stone is the definition of bad girl. She rides a motorcycle, beats people up, and breaks young boys hearts. She's incredibly attractive and dangerously smart, and doesn't want to settle down. She's also the future alpha of her mother's pack.

What happens when she meets Tobias Collins, her mate. Nerdy, shy, and believes that actions speak louder than words? 

Let's just say things may go down hill.

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Sareena15 Sareena15 Jun 14
Rereading this because why not I love this 😂😂😭😭❤️🌸🌸🌸🙌🏻
*mummers* °~°  dont be a little fishstick, even if its for jealousy, it still feels terrible to know that u kissed someone other than ur mate *mummers*  :'(
xxchxrylxx xxchxrylxx Oct 03, 2014
i love this! omg ahahahaahahahhahaaha! that part is soo funnyyy!
TheFaultnBeinErudite TheFaultnBeinErudite Jun 29, 2014
I started laughing so hard I woke up my baby sister who's sleeping in my bed
marivadiva marivadiva Jun 29, 2014
@TheFaultnBeinErudite Of course! And I love your username. It's totally awesome :) add it to your library Cuz I'm updating it tonight.
TheFaultnBeinErudite TheFaultnBeinErudite Jun 27, 2014
I love this please continue to write this I'm hooked hope you update soon :)