The Way To My Heart

The Way To My Heart

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You lived in Auradon, your parents weren't necessarily royalty or whatever, but they were still considered the good guys.

"Yo-You can't be serious, Ben."
"I'm-I'm Sorry, but there's no more room (Yn), you're the only one without a roommate." 
"But he's-" 
"I know we don't do co-Ed, but... until we're able to make more dorms for the boys, you're gonna have to share with him."

"So you're my roommate?" 
"F-For the time being... yes..."
"Well, Darlin' it's a pleasure to be acquainted with ya."  
"What's your name, princess?"
"First, not a Princess and second... Darling. (Yn) Darling."
"A Darlin' eh? Well, I'm sure you know me, but Hook. Harry Hook. This is gonna be fun."

Started: April 5th 2019
Ended: September 4th 2019

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