The Pacifist and The Destroyer (malexmale)

The Pacifist and The Destroyer (malexmale)

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Olive Walden By OliveWalden Updated Jun 16

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**Book 2 of the Soulmates series**

Three months after disappearing, Lane is back. Back in the city and going back to Unity High as if nothing has changed. But it has changed. Things are different now than they were the last time he was here. Different because he's got superpowers. Powers he didn't know about. Powers that hurt people. Different because he's coming back here knowing that he has to distance himself from those he cares about if he doesn't want them getting dragged into his mess. He needs to distance himself if he doesn't want them hurt. 

His friends...his boyfriend, Zuuro...they won't understand, but they'll have to. He has to leave them behind. He needs to keep them safe. At least, that's what he's telling himself. But as he quickly discovers, being back at school and keeping everyone away was a lot easier when it was just an idea in his head. His friends are stubborn, Zuuro still loves him, and none of them are about to let him go without a fight. And maybe, just maybe...Lane is okay with that.

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