Raped By My Mate(⚠️ in the process of being edited)

Raped By My Mate(⚠️ in the process of being edited)

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skysthelimit_119 By skysthelimit_119 Updated Apr 02, 2016

"Your such a loser, you're never going to find your mate!" my older brother Samuel exclaimed.

"I will find my mate, and I won't be living under my parents roof like some lazy bum who can't even pass a drug test to get a job!" I retorted with anger and hate laced in every word.

His eyes turned from a mossy green to a pitch black. His fingernails extended into claws and his canines extended. His light brown body hair grew into a thick fur. He must be really angry because he is on the verge of shifting. He lunged at me with claws extended and jaws snapping, with canines glinting with a film of saliva. Just then my sister Brooke came downstairs. She looked livid. I guess that since it was mating season she was extremely temperamental. My sister is 17, I'm 18, and my older brother is 19. As werewolves, we normally don't find our mates until our 21st birthday.

But with privileged families like ours we tend to find our mates at an earlier age. A privileged family is considered to be of roy...

Yeah how are her clothes torn and how is she already bleeding
pretty_khara pretty_khara Aug 13, 2016
haha this so funny I don't know why but I cant stop laughing
Aquariosa Aquariosa Apr 17, 2016
Wow, what a coincidence, he meets his mate right there..😒
Xiomarre2002 Xiomarre2002 Jan 26, 2016
The person who is talking is a guy rite or a girl kinda hard to tell
gemchocoholic123 gemchocoholic123 Sep 29, 2014
HAHAA I imagined a witch pointing her long fingernails and with a green face XD