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Link & Shadow Link X Reader

Link & Shadow Link X Reader

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Auralan By Auralan Completed

You wake up on a beach to a boy with blond hair and no memory of your life before this. Who were you in the past? Where did you come from? Journey over seas and through tough fights with this boy and some friends to find out. Who knows? You just might find yourself in a position that you will have to make a choice of left or right and no in between.

Nah it's okay. I never played a Zelda game in my life... I'M A DISGRACE TO ALL GAMERS!!
Haha, I like how we are at a bar, and what do we get? Milk. Probably what I would do irl, I love milk.
Jelsalovee221 Jelsalovee221 Feb 08, 2016
Omg I thought of my friend when he said Milk cuz she said/yelled to the teacher YOU NEED SOME MILK hahaha XD
Newtcase Newtcase Jul 30, 2016
                              *Waves arms up* 
                              *Waves arms down*
                              *Jazz hands*
StoryShift_Frisk StoryShift_Frisk Nov 12, 2016
OH MY FREAKING  *inhales Deeply and shouts*WHAT ARE THOSE!?*points at the Ben Plushie*(OFF TOPICXD
oliveisles oliveisles Jun 27, 2016
I read this sentence as " didn't take long for you to get some dïck" fŪCKING HELL