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Baby Girl - Supernatural x Reader

Baby Girl - Supernatural x Reader

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AngelMariaKurenai By AngelMariaKurenai Completed

Baby Girl - Supernatural x Reader

"Ok I believe I got everything you might need. What do you want more?" Bobby said turning to look down at your little child form.

You paused for a moment thinking what you might need for the time you would be living at Bobby's place "I got your colors as well as your book with pages for drawing. I also took your blanket and little pillow along with your teddy bear and little jacket, in case you get cold. You think you're ok with those?" he asked you and you nodded your small head; as those were all the things you needed.

"Alright then, time to go kiddo. Say goodbye to your old place" he said and you turned your head to look at the place you had spent all your life and would now leave it forever.

A few tears rolled down your cheeks and quickly you wiped them with your small hands. You turned to look at Bobby and nodded your head once again, signaling that you were ready to leave. He gave you a small, yet sad, smile and picked you up. You rested your...

*raises hand* Umm hey yea you excuse me I know I don't know your ass yet but I'll still kick it so please don't yell thank you
Dani_tank Dani_tank Mar 28
Dean wouldn't do this. He might a) be grumpy and annoyed or b) be nice 😂😂
Get me one of Sam's shirts it would be like a freaking dress
Rarestrose3 Rarestrose3 Jun 17
I'm actually quite surprised she didn't try to put the clothes on in front of them.
I can only imagine my tiny hand trying to fit into the pit of flesh that is Sam Winchester's hand
*Slowly gets to do list and checks off have sex with an angel*