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Horrifying japanese urban legends

Horrifying japanese urban legends

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King Slayer By xAliceSykes Updated May 21, 2016

     One night I was babysitting my friend's children. The youngest (about five years old) drew a picture of a woman hanging from the ceiling, looked up at me and said "she told me to draw this. She's coming for you. Hide." 

dartonio dartonio May 14, 2016
Everybody, Read to the end only if you want seventeen different bathroom stories.
RastanaBlasius RastanaBlasius Sep 18, 2016
You can flip the question like "Do you think I'M pretty?" then u can run away
V-Hope_XD V-Hope_XD Dec 22, 2016
This why I stay indoors 
                              If she slit my mouth could I do the same thing to others because that's kind of cool
Hanoo2002 Hanoo2002 Aug 22, 2016
You should tell her you are ordinary not very beautiful nor very ugly she will become confused and leave you alone
OcxWheatleyOTP OcxWheatleyOTP Nov 16, 2016
wat if you cant talk them you cant say yes or no or maybe youre blind and dnt know what pretty is
_forest_nymph _forest_nymph Oct 28, 2016
I've heard of this one the trick is to say "you look average" she'll be confuzzled then tha's ur chance to run