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In a city where less than .0001% of the population is gifted with powers and superheroes are celebrity puppets of law enforcement, teenager Anthony keeps his ability of mind control secret. He values freedom and lazy days over fame, fortune, paperwork and being under 24/7 surveillance.  Plus, his haunting memory of hurting a girl and starting a fire the day he learned of his gift is a powerful reminder that he is no hero. 

However, when a stranger with a justice complex learns of Anthony's ability, he is forced to make a choice: become a vigilante or have his secret exposed. 

Things become dire when a villain with a passion for torture and hatred of society publicly introduces themself as Phantom and declares war on Lux City.  Forced to fight the upcoming villain as a rogue superhero, Anthony learns of powers and systematic abuse hidden in the open that both created Phantom and hold his ignorant city hostage. 

[Chapters will be posted in two parts. Updates Wednesdays and Fridays +/- 24 hours.]

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