Robyn: Princess of Thieves

Robyn: Princess of Thieves

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From the author of your favorites like "Favor with the King" and "DUSA," comes the heart pounding, page turning story of Robin Hood (with a twist)

 Life used to be wonderful in the prosperous kingdom of Enchancia. It was only until a new ruler, King Richard, was brought to the throne that made the kingdom fail.

Meet Robyn; a 19 year old free spirit whose life is filled with looting and debauchery: she was raised to rob all her life and has sworn off all royals as evil; what happens when she steals something most valuable from the king? Will a deal with a devil be her only chance to freedom?

"You really don't like to share?" I chided.

"I am a prince so I always get what I want" he bragged. Once we entered his room he closed the door and turned to inspect my figure.

He undressed me with his eyes and walked over to peel the thin red tulle covering my face. I breath nervously as we stand just a breaths apart, our lips barely touching at the surface. 

"Tell me to kiss you" he whispers desperately, pulling my body into his toned form; his warm hand trails across my exposed back.

No words were exchanged as we stood observing each other, as if it was the first time we had met.

"And why would I tell you to do a thing like that?" I tease him, impatiently waiting for the chance to tattoo the taste of his lips onto mine. 

"The eyes are the window to one's soul and yours are screaming for my touch" he murmurs as he grabs my chin, forcing me to stare into his blue eyes. 

I bit my lip innocently, making sure to tease him again. 

"Tell me" he growls once more into my neck, as his wet tongue begins to glide down its surface.


There will be a love triangle INVOLVED! 
Mature scenes ahead 

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