She can't be Tamed

She can't be Tamed

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creativityinabox By creativityinabox Updated Oct 18, 2017

After five months surviving in the forest without detection, Cassandra is finally captured by Ashe, a warrior who influences her more then she cares to admit.

A little example of what to expect:

She hoped he couldn't see the fear swirling deep within her. She didn't want to let him see her fear. She had to be strong. 

Then her fear was replaced with anger. Why would she be afraid of his reaction? Of him? She didn't do anything wrong in the first place. She was on the run, and if someone captures you, you try to escape. Rule number one. 

If someone should have the right to be angered, it should be her. She squinted her eyes and shot daggers to his.

At her glare his smirk disappeared. With three big steps he was right in front of her, grabbing her throat and pushing her up against the tree behind her. She didn't see it coming and she couldn't breathe for a moment. 

Her hands grasped his forearm in panic, causing the chains to clatter loudly, but he already lessened his grip on her throat so she could take some air. Her heart was beating way faster then normal, but at least it was a sign she was still alive.

His grip was more rough than painful, but she was not mistaken. He could snap her neck in a second if he'd want to. He must have had another plan for her, cause he didn't. 

Her eyes snapped back to his when he brought his head closer. "Listen to me, little one." His voice was surprisingly soft, yet demanding her attention. "You are mine now. Never, ever run away from me again, or you will pay the price."

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Chaeleigh Chaeleigh Jul 04, 2016
This is such a different concept to other stories of this genre! It's very intriguing😊
Chaeleigh Chaeleigh Jul 04, 2016
Great first chapter! I'm already looking forward to see what happens next😊