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How to Steal a Happy Ending #Wattys2016

How to Steal a Happy Ending #Wattys2016

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BubblegumAndInsomnia By BubblegumAndInsomnia Updated Sep 30, 2016

Claire was never the girl that got the happily ever after. 
 Instead, she was the one standing in the sidelines, whose only scenes consisted of her either being a bitch or tripping on her high heels. 
 And when you're stuck in a plot line that doesn't allow you to be anything but the bad guy, the only way to get a happy ending is to STEAL one.
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burntttoast burntttoast Mar 16, 2016
This is probably the most beautiful authors note I've ever read :')
my_bookish_heart my_bookish_heart Jan 08, 2016
I have a feeling this book will be different from the rest. Btw I love your cover
my_bookish_heart my_bookish_heart Jan 08, 2016
Right..but thats because most girls here including me are like that
lunarvolcanics lunarvolcanics Nov 15, 2015
This is a really interesting author's note. I'm really excited to read this! Thank goodness there's someone out there making a story that truly depicts a realistic female lead that's not the "good girl"!
gracekay gracekay Nov 15, 2015
Oh, bravo. I rarely stop to comment on author's notes, but I just want to say that you're aiming for a good thing here. Here's to making our female leads more realistic and human!
TrxylersRose TrxylersRose Nov 15, 2015
That is really true. I know that a lot of girls in books are portrayed as the "sweet little girl who does what her boyfriend wants" and that's just wrong. One big reason that female protagonists are showed in this way is because US WOMEN lead it on! I know, unbelievable.