How To Train Your Dragon: Dragon Masters

How To Train Your Dragon: Dragon Masters

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Sienna By Moonstone360 Completed

It's been 2 years since I met my mother. I became chief and toothless became alpha. I'm now known as the Dragon Master. I'm very proud of this title if I do say so myself. I might be chief but with dragons by our side, I still have the time to live life the way I did discovering new lands. Me, my girlfriend and the rest of the gang have come across a couple of familiar faces and are now having to face new challenges. Even with all this spare time I have though, I still wish toothless had another of his kind. And maybe someday I will find one...

The first book in the Dragon Masters series.

~I don't own anything owned by DreamWorks~

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BlankPagesToBeFilled BlankPagesToBeFilled Aug 13, 2017
AngelAudreyCia AngelAudreyCia Aug 28, 2017
I CAN'T wait for me to read the whole book!!! Oh and I LOVE the beginning.
PinkWonder1 PinkWonder1 Feb 01, 2016
Does anyone know a how to train your dragon book and it were hiccupi gets torture
cassie7r3 cassie7r3 Jul 08, 2016
I just compared 15 year old Hiccup to now Hiccup and saw how much now huccip looks WAY MORE hotter then 15 year old Hiccup. I mean COME ON I'd be surprised if him and Astrid weren't dating
One of my favourite httyd series is dragons race to the edge
kitkatkeremy kitkatkeremy Mar 29, 2016
Dude i thought he was 16 cuz it says in the second movie that it was five years after the dragons came to live on berk and everything....