Love to Hate You [KarmaxFem!Nagisa]

Love to Hate You [KarmaxFem!Nagisa]

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ripaws By my-dearest Updated May 03

Karma and Nagisa come from different junior high schools, but now they are in the same high school, and in the same class.

Karma Akabane. A typical bully guy who is arguably a very smart troublemaker. He is very popular among the girls in Kunugigaoka High School. If Karma likes someone, he can appoint that person and believe it or not, they can also date that day.

I mean, who wouldn't fall for the popular freaking red-head?

Besides, no one can deny the fact that Karma is very cool. Ah, no. Hot.

Except one,

Nagisa Shiota.

Super sarcastic girl who really hates typical kind of guy like Karma. Nagisa is definitely not interested in guys who love violence and don't even care about others.

She prefers to sink herself into the sea rather than having to deal with that red-head kind of guy.


However, what will happens if Karma's bet with his friends causes him to have to deal with that Nagisa Shiota?


Published [04/04/19]

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