Sweet Envy

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Ashlee (: By rainbow101xo Updated 2 years ago
Alyssa was always the inquisitive type, she always found herself in other peoples business whether she wanted to be or not. After a new transfer student from England shows his face in her high school she’s mesmerized by his beauty and quiet, inconspicuous personality. Despite peoples warning Alyssa tries to get to know this mysterious, sexy, shadowy stranger, but could his secret be enough to send her running? Alyssa finds herself dealing with a whole new world of immortality, blood, thirst and horror. Despite her uncontrollable, overpowering feelings for this boy she can’t help but think this time she’s gotten herself into something beyond her capabilities and sanity. This boy could be her saviour or her bloodthirsty demise.
I really like this! Alot! (: Its a great chappie & I love her name & the cover of the book! Its a really good start!
Great chapter and writing style. I like Alyssa's character :) A tip though. On the last page, please put spaces between long paragraphs. They look boring and hard to read. Hope that helps!
Good start. The descriptions were pretty good too and your introduction of main character was written nicely. Although, I'm not much into Vampire stuff I think this was well written :)
Lol is he real? Lol I like this. Like the description nf I think u introduced the main character well. All in all it was a great chapter :))